GROW Chart GROW.pdf
Questions you should ask yourself when researching:

Is my question specific enough?

What information (Data source) do I need to answer my question?

Does my topic/ research question allow for the process of analysis and interpretation of data and information?

Does my topic/ research question allow for sub-questions?

Are my questions original and worth asking?

Are my questions coherent?

Am I clear about what I am trying to find out?

Mayar and Zander- How does fluoride affect the human teeth?
Jordyn: What is found in antiperspirant that helps block pores to stop sweating?
Ethan B: What are the effects of calcium - chloride in the preservation of canned foods?
Morgan M: How does iodine aid in the regulation of your basal metabolic rate
Chris. B- How come instead of take 2 or 3 bananas why do I have to take an Klor-Con pill
Aliya H: How does calcium, magnesium, and manganese work to help strengthen bones?
Robert Smith-- What minerals are the most essential to the strength and structural integrity of bones and what is needed for these minerals to be absorbed?
anna leitao- why does chlorine turn your hair green and why does it affect more light haired people than dark haired people?
Carson S-Why does chromium help eyesight?
Sierra: How do different red meats vary in iron content and how does iron affect the human body?
Leila O: How do the affects of potassium on plants help fruit quality and prevent diseases?
Olivia G: How does calcium effect your chances of getting osteoporosis and why are Asian and white women more likely to get it?
Fin P and Connor C: How does Amethyst help relieve headaches and help to relieve fatigue?
James C: What are the effects of having a zinc deficiency?
Ryan and Jeff: Why and how is talc used in some cosmetics? Why do we use talc over other minerals?
Abbie: How does Benzene in cigarettes damage the human body?
Nathan: Is Zinc really the most useful mineral for the human body
Katie: How much sun exposure is needed in comparison to a vitamin D tablet to help your immune system
pietray: what are the effects of having iron deficency