Abbie's Student- Led Conference:

Cover Letter:

This year in science we learned about the table of elements, outer space, underwater life, geography of underwater, rocks, and minerals. My favorite part about science is when we do lessons involving biology. It is interesting to learn about all the different things animals and humans can do. My least favorite part about science is rocks and minerals. I don't find rocks interesting and I think it is a dull subject.

Skills and Effort Description:

1. I would rate myself as a 4 for completing my assignments for class. I usually do all of the work but sometimes I forget to bring it in.
2. I would give myself a 5 in class participation and class time effort because I try to participate whenever I think I should and pay attention in class.
3. I would rate myself a 4 for being able to work well with others. I try to be nice and be helpful and work well with people. I usually work well with specific people and not so well with others.
4. I think for my punctuality, I am a 3. I need to make sure that I turn things in on time and remember to turn things in. I should also stop being late to class.
5. I think I would get a 5 because I generally do good on big projects. I like doing them and I think that they always seem to go well.